DATALYS is a software company specifically adapted to the laboratory environment. It was created in 1998, with the aim to satisfy the important demands coming from the analytical chemistry environment. DATALYS is a service provider for industry, universities and instrument manufacturers.

Our offering consists of a large software's range dedicated to chromatography and spectrocopy: AZUR, OSIRIS, GRAMS/AI, Spectral ID and Spectral DB. But our activity is not limited to standard products and we can also offer the following services:

-Customization and/or adaptation to specific requirements from basic software (essentially AZUR and OSIRIS). In the field of OEM contract, DATALYS proposes the development of instruments drivers, the customization and localization of AZUR. Additional programs for AZUR can also be developed. Several instrument manufacturers like BERTHOLD, BRECHBÜHLER, PERICHROM or POLYMER LABORATORIES are already DATALYS partners.

- Development of new applications throughout a partnership with a laboratory or a manufacturer with the objective to trade the product.

DATALYS team gathers remarkable know-how, resulting from many years of experimentation in the development and trading of software solutions for laboratories. To be completely successful in its project, DATALYS builds its action around 3 axes: Innovation, Partnership and Quality.

Innovation because it is essential to be at the cutting edge of the technological field and to propose performing and innovative solutions. An innovative concern that is not limited to the technical field, as DATALYS also intends to stand out with an audacious pricing policy and a different relationship with its customers. We consider our customers to be partners in the long term, with whom we are related through a performance commitment.

A partnership because DATALYS believe in users as true partners and designs its developments through an exchange mode. Our users are our best source of inspiration and we are very careful to keep permanent contact with them.

DATALYS success relies on perfect quality. All of our applications respect a rigorous development cycle with a strong concern for traceability. Such a concern allows us to earn our partners' confidence.

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