OSIRIS software

OSIRIS is a software tool dedicated to method development and optimisation in Liquid Chromatography. Due to its unsurpassed algorithms based on 10 years of research in the Analytical Sciences Laboratory in Lyon University, OSIRIS allows you to set up robust methods in a very short time and after only a few runs.
OSIRIS has been developed using the latest software technology and following industry standards. But it also offers a very friendly to use interface including a unique Assistant which guides the analyst step-by-step during the Optimization process. OSIRIS is the ideal tool to :
- Determine good separation conditions quickly and accurately
- Improve the ruggedness of an HPLC method
- Reduce the analysis time of an existing method,
- Teach HPLC and the effects of the different parameters.

Many HPLC method development laboratories, in particular in pharmaceutical industry, already use OSIRIS and have experienced its reliability.

Evaluation version (trial mode) is a fully functional program that is active for 30-days (only save and print are not possible). The demonstration guide (Quick Tour) contains basics information and describes few available examples.

Osiris 4.2