We consider our customers to be partners for the long term, with whom we are related through a performance commitment. Our users are our best source of inspiration and we are very careful to keep permanent contact with them. AZUR + is part of this partnership.

The annual AZUR + plan is a unique and effective way to take full benefit of AZUR possibilities. It allows you to continually update your AZUR Chromatography Data System and to take advantage of the latest DATALYS developments. But AZUR + offers you also flexibility with multiple process licenses.

Free Product Upgrades
We continually invest in and improve the functionality of our AZUR software and want you to have the benefit of our latest technology at all times. For this reason, all major and minor upgrades are automatically shipped, upon commercial release, to you (to the registered license user).

Free Process Licenses
In addition to your main AZUR license (which has an unlimited license number), AZUR + offers you ‘as-many-you-want’ process licenses (one year license number). It gives you the possibility to make several installations of the software on other computers for reprocessing purposes. This allows you to leave the main AZUR station workstation free for acquisition and you can reprocess chromatograms in your office for example.

AZUR Plus costs only 700 Euros a year for one license !