Datalys uses to sell its products worldwide through distributors involved in the chromatography market. We are interested in developing profitable business partnership with professional companies. We offer :
AZUR and OSIRIS has been designed (and will be improved in this way) to be pleasant and easy to use for the end users and also easy to sell and support for our resellers. Sales support. We provides our resellers with sales literature (brochures, demo CD ROMs, etc...), marketing tools (press releases, customized advertisement, etc...) and free training.

If you need a powerful and reliable chromatography software, we will bring you the solution with a fully customized version of AZUR. Our experienced team will quickly adapt AZUR to fit to your specific requirements and looks like your own home-made product. Our customized products can include company logo, menus, product branding, installation program, user manual, add-on programs and of course instrument control drivers. We can even design your CD-ROM and your product brochure !